This is what both the real news and the fake news has to say so far about How to Be Married.

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Author is letting her exes ask questions during book reading

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How technology is disrupting an Indian state where women control the money

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I Bought My Husband an Engagement Ring

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Nuptial in a nutshell: “When you go out to dinner, put down your goddamn phone and don’t talk about…work or the laundry or the broken toilet. Would a man talk about a broken toilet with his mistress?”

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How Polygamy, Role-Playing, and Less Sex Can Improve Your Marriage

 Jo Piazza, author of the forthcoming book How to Be Married, traveled to 12 countries over the course of 12 months to get the best possible advice from more than 1,000 men and women on how to successfully stay hitched. 


How to Get an Authentic Experience Every Time You Travel

Her forthcoming book, How To Be Married (Penguin Random House) explores the various attitudes toward getting—and staying—hitched in different cultures. To interview husbands and wives for their hard-earned advice, she traveled to five different continents to meet her subjects first hand. Here is her advice on how to get the most authentic experience during your travels.

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To smooth their own “wet cement,” Piazza and her husband traveled around the globe for work and pleasure, and she interviewed women from all walks of life about their secrets to a successful marriage. The answers were useful, humorous, seductive, and often far more intricate than she imagined. Among dozens of other pieces of advice, her interview subjects suggested to create a comfortable home, wear sexy lingerie (paid for by the man) on a daily basis, take care of yourself first, discuss most subjects but keep some things hidden, and, contrary to conventional wisdom, allow yourself to go to bed angry. Piazza blends the life stories of these interviewees with her own struggles during those first 12 months of matrimony.

Newlyweds and couples looking to jump-start a foundering relationship will find Piazza’s analysis of marriage useful, amusing, and engaging.